Double In / Double Out Split Bull League set to begin June 11th!
Format will be 9 Games of 501 DI/DO Split Bull 
$7 a week, per person!
Schedule will claim the matches to be played on Sundays, but since it is a flex schedule, get your matches done before the next scheduled Sunday. Contact your Opponent, Schedule your match on a day that works for the both of you, then play your match.
There will be a $25 sign up fee to guarantee your spot in the tournament on August 5th!
If you send in the sign up form and I do not recieve your $25 payment before June 9th, I will have to remove you from the league and you will not be able to participate in the tournament.
Players Signed Up So Far!
Chris Whisney
Dylan Ohlsen
Matt Rishovd
Ray Morgan
John Campbell
Randy Kiewel
Hunter Akers 
Ethan Kreitman
Eric Larson
Cooper Olson
Wes White 
Ariel Feist
Tyler Christanson
Jake Wieczorek
Lee Kuchta
Aaron Fowler
Paul Blumenberg
Corey Luke